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Property Management Services of Columbia, LLC

Exceeding Expectations!!!! Open Doors to New Possibilities!!! 

Thank you for choosing Property Management Services of Columbia for you rental home needs. We appreciate our tenants and have designed this page to assist you in very useful information. Please read this information in its entirety. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Property Management Services of Columbia wants all of our properties to look their best!

Tenants please ensure that the property that you are living in is being well maintained and avoid safety hazards. Unless otherwise stated in your lease agreement, tenants are to make sure that the lawn is kept. This includes mowing, raking, weed eating, trimming shrubs, pest control, and maintaining the grass. Please ensure that the interior is kept in a clean and habitable, safe condition. Please do not leave grease pots on the stove, and clean ovens regularly. These can be fire hazards if not cared for properly. Please check air filters regularly and change dirty filters immediately. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Rent payments are due in our office on the 1st of each month. If your payment is received in our office after the 5th of the month, then a late fee is due and must be included with your payment. Please refer to your lease for the exact amount of your late fee. The office building closes at 5PM and it is the responsibility for each tenant to ensure that your rent payment is received in the office by 5PM on the 5th to avoid penalties of late charges, eviction, etc. For the consistency to all tenants, late charges are not waived.

Any approved applicant may be required to pay a higher security deposit based on credit/rental history.

We accept money orders, cashier's checks, and online bill pay payments through your bank for rent payments. We do not accept personal checks or cash for rent payments.

All tenants are required to have written permission before making any alterations to the property, this includes changing any locks. If you receive written permission to change the locks, you must immediately supply the office with a working copy of the new key.

If you have experienced vandalism, and/or a criminal activity that has caused damaged to the premises, you must provide us with a police report as soon as the report becomes available from the law enforcement department.

Some of our homes are pet friendly. However, written permission from our office is required prior to having a pet. We do reserve the right to reject any pet. A pet fee is required and must be paid prior to receiving written permission. You are still responsible for any damages caused by pets allowed on the property. There will be a non refundable $300.00 fee charged for pet violations.

Click here for the Pet Permission Form

There is a non refundable $50.00 charge for someone to come out and supply access to the property in the event of a lock-out after hours. We will make a reasonable effort for someone to allow access to the property until 5PM, after 5PM, you will need to call a locksmith. Payment will have to be made at the time of arrival; we will not accept personal checks. Once the initial call is made, the fee is charged and due.

There is a non refundable $50.00 charge for a staff member to allow access to maintenance personnel in the property, in the event the tenant is unable to meet maintenance at the property to allow access, and/or do not want maintenance to enter the premises without you or your designee being present. Payment will have to be made immediately by cash or money order ONLY.

There is a non refundable $5.00 per copy of your lease agreement charged to current tenants, for any copies made after your initial copy. Additional fees may be charged for former tenants.

There is a non refundable $25.00 administration fee for copies of your payment history. Only up to the last 12 months of the current calendar year will be provided.

Tenants are responsible for replacing any lost, stolen, or broken garage door openers, remotes to ceiling fans, sprinkler keys, utility sheds/storage houses keys, etc..

If you have any difficulties with any locks to the premises, you will need to notify management in writing immediately. Failure to do so, will result for tenant(s) being charged for changing/re-keying locks that do not work with management copy of the key.